Microsoft Complete
for Enterprise
Surface Pro/Surface Pro 4
(3 YR Total)
SKU: WJ3-00018


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Protect your device

Accidents happen. With Microsoft Complete, you get three or four years of accidental damage protection — even from drops and spills. Microsoft Complete provides solutions and tools to keep your secure business information safe.

Exclusively with Complete for Enterprise

Complete for Enterprise supports your unique business needs with a scalable and efficient service and you get: 

  • Claims sharing across your organization. We know that some employees are more careful with devices that others. Your accidental damage claims are grouped together so you can spend less time managing claims and more time on what matters.
  • Access to a separate group of claims, equal to 1% of total devices purchased. Retain your non-bootable devices and receive replacement devices with advanced exchange.
  • Live online or onsite training designed with your organization in mind. Content is customizable and schedules are flexible so you can train the right teams at the right time.
  • Deployment support from the Onboarding Desk. You'll have access to deployment material to share internally, along with assistance in registering your devices and coordinating your training.