RAM Desktop GDS 6 Slot Dock

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The Six Gang GDS™ Desktop Charger offers bulk charging of multiple devices, without the need to separately plug in each device charger.
This desktop solution is perfect for large offices, conference rooms, vehicle fleets, and other applications requiring mass charging of multiple devices.
The Six Gang GDS™ Desktop Charger supports multiple devices (Tablets, Smartphones, and Phablets) equipped with an IntelliSkin™ Sleeve, and provides an extra portal to connectivity and efficiency.
Connect your IntelliSkin™ to the Six Gang GDS™ Desktop Charger anywhere in your work space or home. 

GDS™ Technology stands for Global Docking System Technology. RAM® is setting a new standard by creating a uniform platform for making connection between any electronic device and a dock for power and data communication.
Regardless if the device has a case, skin, cover or is bare, RAM® has created a platform to provide compatibility across multiple devices and docking stations, making power and data communication simple and cost effective.
This provides scalability as devices evolve, and enables users to minimize expense by leveraging their docking stations across multiple device use cases.