Maclocks Armored Glass
Premium Surface Pro 3
Tempered Glass Screen Shield

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Preserve your device with the surprisingly thin, shatterproof, lightweight and relentlessly tough Maclocks DoubleGlass. Maclocks DoubleGlass reinforces the strength of smart phone, tablet and e-book screens while maintaining their original appearance. Maclocks DoubleGlass has the highest rating in the Pencil Hardness Scale; with DoubleGlass protection, touch screens resist scrapes and last longer. The strong tempered glass has an anti-shatter film for optimal safety, and can withstand up to 60 kg/132 pounds of weight. Maclocks DoubleGlass is treated with a special hydrophobic Nano-coating, creating an easy-to-clean, smudge-free surface that repels water, dust, oil and dirt. The glass is carefully treated and polished to intensify the clarity of HD smart screen displays. The exceptional thinness of Maclocks DoubleGlass preserves the high sensitivity and accuracy of touchscreens, ensuring their responsiveness. Engineered for performance and ultra clarity, Maclocks DoubleGlass maintains rapid conductivity enhancing the user's screen interface. It fits precisely on the screen; easy to apply without air bubbles. Simply, place Maclocks DoubleGlass over the screen of the intended smart device. Press the center and the adhesive will apply itself smoothly and bubble-free across the surface. That's it. Hassle free. Durable. Convenient.