Should I Buy Refurbished (Recertified) Microsoft Products?
You have made the decision to purchase a Microsoft Surface tablet or perhaps a Microsoft Surface computer. You are ready to make the investment when you realize that there is an option to purchase a refurbished Microsoft Surface tablet or a refurbished Microsoft Surface computer. You pause for a moment to decide if you want to even look at the refurbished models; after all they are previously used. You decide to stop and look anyways before making your final purchase.

Good choice.

You may discover that a recertified Microsoft Surface tablet is exactly what you need at a price that makes you happy. A refurbished Microsoft Surface computer does not mean that the device was previously no good or broken; it simply means that it was traded in for a different model and was still in great working condition.

Microsoft goes to great extent to recertify and refurbish their equipment to make it available for resale. If the device does not meet the standards of Microsoft it does not make it back into the market place. That is how Microsoft does business.

You have heard many financial experts tell you to buy your luxury cars or boats or homes when they are a year or two old. This allows the initial buyer to take the depreciation of the purchase, leaving you with the true value when you buy it from them. This is very similar to purchasing a refurbished Microsoft Surface computer. You are allowing someone else to pay for the depreciation while you pay for the true benefits of the device. 

The Many Benefits Of A Refurbished Microsoft Surface Tablet

There are several benefits when considering a refurbished model computer instead of a brand new device. Some of these many benefits include:
• Updated Operating Systems. When a device is updated and refurbished by Microsoft, the device contains the latest version of all the software that is included. In some cases this may even be a newer version of the software that is being offered on the brand new devices. 
• Mechanically Sound. Before your device is given its final recertification by Microsoft, the computer is checked over for all the physical parts to ensure that they are working. 
• Compatibility. Your device will be compatible with all other Microsoft products and peripheral devices. If any changes are needed to guarantee this quality Microsoft will make any necessary changes prior to recertification.
• Warranty. Your recertified Microsoft product will have a warranty that is generally equal to that found on a new device. This means that you have the same protections you always have when purchasing a Microsoft product but at a fraction of the cost.

What Is The Difference Between Refurbished And Recertified?

This may be the next question you find yourself asking is if you are buying a refurbished or a recertified Microsoft Surface tablet. The answer would be “yes”, mostly.

Microsoft uses the two terms interchangeably. The company completely refurbishes and recertifies all of their previously owned devices that they place up for sale again, so they have no issue using either term.

However, (yes there is a however), if a device is refurbished by someone other than Microsoft (any third party), the device MAY be considered or called refurbished, but it will not necessarily be "recertified".
What about reviews? Can I see reviews of refurbished devices?
Since every re-certified Surface Tablet or Surface Computer comes with the Microsoft warranty, recertification, and quality control, the reviews you see for the new devices will provide you with the same info as the reviews for the refurbished Microsoft Surface products. PLUS, they are usually backed with a solid return policy as well so you are covered and protected at all times.

What To Look For In A Refurbished Device

When you are considering a refurbished Microsoft Surface tablet, there are several things that you may wish to consider before making your final purchase. These points are similar to the qualities you would look for in a new device.

• Screen Size. Make sure that the screen size is what you are looking for based on your personal needs. Everyone has a different use for their tablet and the screen should be of a size that allows you to feel comfortable when using the device. You do not want a tablet that will cause you to squint when using it, nor do you want a tablet that is too big and awkward to use efficiently for the task it was intended.
• Software. You will want to check the software that is running the device and its compatibility to the types of programs that you wish to run on your tablet. 
• Storage and Speed. Check the storage capacity of the device as well as the operating speeds. You need to make sure that your tablet is capable of performing the tasks that you need it to complete.
• Peripherals. Can you attach or connect the tablet to other peripheral devices to make completing your tasks easier? Will you need to use these devices to get the most use out of the tablet? These are questions that should be answered before purchasing.
• Amenities. Can you purchase any amenities for the device, such as a pen, that may improve your overall experience? Is the tablet compatible with an amenity pieces you may already use? 
• Accessories. If you travel or carry your device around with you for work, can you find a case or bag that will store your device safely? While this may be an afterthought for many people, portability of a device in a safe manner is very important.

Now Let’s Talk Money

Purchasing a recertified Microsoft Surface computer is very cost effective for individuals or businesses. These devices have met or exceeded all of Microsoft’s requirements to be a current model device, and they are available at a discounted price. So, look for sales on older models too.

Microsoft also offers many incentives to buyers for purchasing previously owned devices. These discounts are often applied on top of the already discounted pricing, making it a deal that is too hard to pass. You are buying a recertified and warrantied Microsoft device for a fraction of the cost.

One Last Thing To Remember

Many people tend to be nervous about purchasing a previously owned electronic device. It should be understood that every device that Microsoft allows back on the market as refurbished and/or recertified has undergone rigorous testing and quality assurance before being allowed back into the market place.

Every recertified Microsoft Surface computer has been inspected and tested and must meet all of Microsoft’s qualifications before being released. As a final assurance to buyers, all devices that are released for resale are backed by the Microsoft warranty. 

So, if you find yourself asking if you should consider buying a recertified Microsoft Surface computer. The answer is yes, yes you should.
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