Surface Pro

Surface Pro

Surface Sales is the premier site to buy Surface Pro, the ultimate laptop, with versatility of a studio and tablet. 

The Surface Pro offers users the versatility of a tablet with the power of a laptop. The newest version of the Surface Pro is 2.5 times faster than the Surface Pro 3 and is powered by a 7th Generation Intel core processor. Users will love the speed that these Surface tablets offer as well as their dynamic graphics. The new Surface Pro offers:

• Intel Core i5 Core Processor with 128GB SSD
• 4GB of RAM
• Extended battery life – lasts more than 50 percent longer than Surface Pro 4
• Fastest start up and resume features on any Surface Pro – ever
• Quiet cooling fan
• Newly reconfigured front facing speakers for optimal sound

Surface Pro for business.
Now available with LTE for an always-connected experience.
Re-engineered from the inside out to deliver more of what your teams want and need. The new Surface Pro, now available with LTE Advanced, brings the best in seamless connectivity together with unmatched versatility.

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